Welcome to Third Grade!

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),
We hope you had an enjoyable summer. We are looking forward to working with your child and having a magnificent school year. It is our intention to establish a good working relationship with you and your child. Our philosophy is to create a positive learning environment for your child in order to make their educational experience pleasurable. Therefore, we would like to warmly welcome you to third grade!
Throughout the year we plan to provide you with numerous opportunities to visit the classroom and actively get involved in your child’s education. You know your child better than anyone, so if you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to share them with us.
This will be an exciting year for your child. He or she will learn about many new things and will be given the opportunity to develop his/her own personal talents and abilities. We will study reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, and the 7 habits. Your child will learn organizational and time management skills that will enable him/her to become independent learners.
We value reading very highly, therefore your child will be required to read nightly and respond to literature reflectively. As you know, the elementary years are the foundation for your child’s reading enhancement. As he/she grows and develops the goal is to have him/her became an active reader in the community. It is important to motivate your child to read anytime and everywhere.  Together we can instill the importance of reading in your child’s daily life.
Please take some time to read over the new Common Core Standards (click on the “Common Core” on the side bar). We will further discuss the standards at Open School Night. We look forward to meeting you personally at Open School Night and making it a fabulous school year!
Respectfully, Mrs. Replak & Mrs. O'Connor