Common Core Standards

Grading Policy

Grades will be determined by written tests and quizzes, class work, project work, presentations, homework, and class participation.  Projects and presentations are graded as tests.  Review sheets will be attached to weekly newsletters and are given in advance.  If your child must be absent from school, missed assignments will be sent home with a designated homework buddy unless other arrangements are made.  Missed work should be made up within two days of an absence. If they miss an assessment, they will make it up when they return.  There are no retakes of assessments once they have been given.   
Students should have at least one library book for silent reading in school at all times. Students are expected to read at home each night and complete an assignment.
Weekly Newsletters  will be sent home on Monday afternoons. Please review the newsletter, sign it and return it to school with your child every Tuesday.  The newsletter will give you a peek at the week's academic's, important events to mark on your calendar, upcoming tests/quizzes, a note from me, missing assignments, and an evaluation of your child's behavior/quality of assignments for the week. Review sheets, assessments, and important notices will be attached to the newsletter.  

 Class 3-3'sRockin’ Behavior 

Who has Rockstar Behavior?  

  • Red - You’re A Rockstar!= Above and beyond
  • Orange - Can I Have Your Autograph?= Excellent 
  • Yellow - A Stellar Performance= Great 
  • Green - Let’s Rock –N- Roll!= You are ready to learn (We all start here) 
  • Blue - Singing the Blues= 5 minutes off recess
  • Purple - Speak with your Agent= 10 minutes off recess
  • Pink - All Tour Dates Cancelled= No recess/ Action Plan


  • Praise
  • Positive notes/call home 
  • Tickets-raffle for Treasure Chest 
  • “Caught Doing Good” coins 
  • Certificate-Award 
  • Lunch with teacher
  • Homework passes 

Whole Class:

  • Class Goal