Overview of Third Grade Curriculum

Students will be engaged in the Pearson Math Program.  

Students will engage in Reader’s Workshop. During the Reader’s Workshop the students will be engaged in a mini-lesson with a strategy or skill taught each day. Students will also be engaged in  Literacy Stations, which include guided reading, independent reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and a leadership station.  The goal of the Reader's Workshop is for the students to become independent readers. Therefore, students are working on increasing their fluency, building comprehension, using a variety of reading strategies, and enhancing their reading skills. In addition, it is extremely important for your child to read each night. Along with reading each night the students will be asked to complete Reading Responses based on their nightly reading. It will be modeled first in class and then sent home as homework for the remainder of the year. Reminder: Students should always support their responses with text evidence. Every other week students will receive reading passages with comprehension questions. Students will be expected to use the strategy F.U.N. (Find it Underline it Number it) when looking for evidence in the text. In preparation for the E.L.A. Assessment in April, students will also learn a variety of test taking strategies and skills to further prepare them. 

Students will be engaged in a Writer’s Workshop that will help them to develop individualized writing crafts.Each Trimester the students will write in each of the following genres through a variety of different writing activities: 

  1. Write Opinion Pieces on a Topic/Text supporting a point of view with reasons 
  2. Write Informative/Explanatory texts to examine a topic 
  3. Write Narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events 

Children will keep a Writer’s Notebook to record ideas, thoughts, and feelings that will spark writing topics.This workshop approach will keep students motivated, and able to work at their own paces. Students will learn the writing process and will publish their writing assignments through writing celebrations in a variety of ways. Please encourage all forms of writing at home. 

Students will begin the year off studying general map skills and the geography, government, economy and culture of the United States, China, Kenya, and Brazil.  The Third Grade has so many wonderful informational as well as fictional stories to supplement our curriculum. 

We will study Earth and Its Resources, Physical Matter and Living Things! 

Students will discuss and learn about maintaining healthy habits and decision making. 

Cursive will begin shortly. Please emphasize neat handwriting at all times!