Homework Policy

Class 3-3's Homework Policy

­­The following is an overview of the homework policy in our class this year. Homework is an important tool that will reinforce skills learned at school

  • Math and reading homework will be assigned every night except Friday or before a holiday.   
  • Homework is due the next day unless it is a long-term assignment. If students choose not to complete their homework, they will lose recess the day the homework is due.      
  • Initial your child’s homework agenda book nightly.   
  • All incomplete or improperly done school or homework will have to be redone by the following day.   
  • Long-term assignments are due on the date agreed upon. One grade will be subtracted for each late day.   
  • Each day a student completes all homework, a point will be earned. If 8 points are earned in a row, a free homework pass is awarded. This pass is good for one night of no homework in one subject, except for reading assignments, and when preparation for a test is necessary.

*Please note: Legitimate reasons will be excused with a signed note from a parent or guardian the day it is due* 

Reading Homework Every other week Reading homework will alternate between reading comprehension passages with questions (F.U.N.) and to read 20 minutes and complete a Reading Log.
Math Homework Students will complete the lesson for the day in their Homework booklet. Please study times tables nightly.