Writer's Notebook

"A Writer's Notebook gives you a place to live like a writer, not just in school during writing time, but wherever you are, at any time of day."- Ralph Fletcher 


Students will be engaged in a Writer’s Workshop that will help them to develop individualized writing crafts.Each Trimester the students will write in each of the following genres through a variety of different writing activities: 

  1. Write Opinion Pieces on a Topic/Text supporting a point of view with reasons
  2. Write Informative/Explanatory texts to examine a topic 
  3. Write Narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events 

Students will keep a Writer’s Notebook to record ideas, thoughts, and feelings that will spark writing topics.This workshop approach will keep students motivated, and able to work at their own paces. Students will learn the writing process and will publish their writing assignments through writing celebrations in a variety of ways. Please encourage all forms of writing at home.


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Make your own book!!


Create your own 3-D POP-Up Books!


Research for Informational Writing about Animals/Habitats


Write your own Myth, Fairytale or Folktale!!